The Supper Club Holiday Gala

The Dinner Belle was thrilled to cater The Supper Club's premiere holiday bash at Phillipe Stark’s modern black and white space on Grammercy, where NYC Socialites gathered to clink champagne glasses and indulge on chocolate lollipops. Working closely with Moet-Hennessy, we were able to present an assortment of canapes that paired beautifully with four distinct libations. From the Belvedere room, where Potato Latkes flew off the silver chargers & Bloody Mary Shooters were garnished with dill infused prawns, to the 10-Cane Run station, where Buffalo Bacon Cheddar & Chroizo skewers competed with Caribbean Tuna Ceviche for favorite bite of the night, to the Tuscan charm of the Cheese and Crostini buffet which occupied the wine bar, to the bathtub filled with Napa Valley Chandon, surrounded by piles of Chocolate Truffles, Black & White Pretzels, and yes, even White & Dark Chocolate Lollipops (as seen above),
these guests were beyond impressed.