Classic Car Club

The Dinner Belle recently took a joy ride back to the 1950's while catering an event for 100 of New York's elite at New York City's exclusive Classic Car Club. As guests mingled throughout the vast, trendy warehouse space, filled with antique cars on display from decades past, they were served some of The Dinner Belle's most fun and flirty food to date. In addition to the authentic hot dog cart stationed in the center of the space, complete with homemade potato buns and a fixin's bar to rival Coney Island, our servers sported roller skates and zoomed around while passing such treats as Truffled Deviled Eggs with Parmesan Tuiles (as seen above) and Grilled Pana Cotto and Fontina rounds on Country Sour Dough Bread, to name just a few. House Popped Cheddar Corn and Old Fashioned Rice Krispy Treat S'Mores, filled with marshmallow cream and Nutella brought guests back to a younger time and
delighted their sweeter sides.