Macy's "Fancy" Dinner

A true feather in The Dinner Belle's cap this year was our “Fancy” event. We presented a high-end, seated dinner for 30 executives, complete with a champagne reception on the private roof terrace of a gorgeous, rented penthouse. The executives were from Macy’s, clients of Parlux, a top-notch perfume company, and the celebration was for Jessica Simpson’s new fragrance, called “Fancy.” At our event, guests feasted on canapés such as our signature, truffle mousse mushroom tarts and grilled scallop burgers, before sitting down to Kimberly’s decadent, “fancy” tasting menu. They toasted partnerships and bottom lines with wines paired with plates like Burgundy braised octopus salad and black coffee chocolate-spiked beef short ribs accompanied by pumpkin risotto. After individual apple tartlets a la mode and heavenly White Chocolate Coconut Cake (as seen above), Kimberly and I were urged to come out and say “hello.” So we smiled big, headed out in our matching aprons and received a standing ovation!