A Chocolate Anniversary

The Dinner Belle recently provided a bevy of sweet treats for a private client hosting an Anniversary Party at her and her husband's beautiful suburban home. Just as sweet as the fact that the couple was celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, were the delicate confections set out for guests a top a beautiful buffet table. From our signature truffles, to classic French pots du creme (as seen above), not to mention a decorative fountain of dark chocolate fondu serving as the centerpiece, guests more than satisfied their sweet tooths. And to make sure our savory friends weren't too jealous, The Dinner Belle assembled numerous platters of unique and magnificent cheeses that paired nicely with a selection of both robust and delicate wines from the Napa Valley, another favorite place of our celebrated couple. To top it all off, Chef Belle prepared a five layer chocolate trifle, a reincarnation of the flavors contained in their wedding cake four decades ago. We wish our friends and clients another wonderful 40 years!