Andy Warhol + The Society
"Genius of Pop"

Tomato Soup Shots
Miniature soup cans bearing the iconic Campbell’s
soup label will be serve as vessels for an autumnal tomato soup made of
imported Italian Roma tomatoes and fresh-picked basil, spiked with
lemon zest and served with edible parmesan soup spoons.
Balsamic Bacon Deviled Eggs
Halved organic eggs are filled with a bright
mixture of crumbled center-cut bacon, red onion and
chives, married together in a tangy balsamic-dijon aioli.
Crab Dip Cups
Individual pastry cups are filled with warm crab dip
made from jump lump crabmeat, crème fraîche, dry vermouth
and tarragon, before being topped with homemade garlic bread crumbs.

Mocha Mallomars
A medley of neon colored bite-sized mocha mallowmars made
with homemade marshmallows piled atop a graham cracker crust
covered in a vivid rainbow hues of white chocolate.
"Signature" Banana Bonbons
Andy Warhol’s iconic banana painting will be individually
transferred in sunshine yellow cocoa butter onto dark
chocolate-banana ganache minis melts.