Luncheon & Lollipops

When the Dinner Belle last catered for our favorite Upper East Side client, we created a magnificent brunch to mark her baptism. A few years later, and quite the little lady, we were thrilled at the chance to come back and create another spread, this time to ring in her 3rd Birthday! Thinking in pink, the Birthday Girl's favorite color, we created a playful spread for the children. From fun-shaped PB&J cut-outs, to honey-nut chicken fingers and fresh fruit with a sweet cherry yogurt dipping sauce (pink of course!) the kids were delighted, while the adults feasted on more seasonal fare, including our signature Caprese Stacks, home-made Buffalo Basil Ravioli, and New Potato Salad. But no child's birthday party would be complete without cake, and since two is always better than one, we provided a duo of cakes: one vanilla, one chocolate, both topped with luscious butter cream and a myriad of decorative flowers (as seen above). To add a touch more icing to the cake, the children each went home with an overflowing goodie bag filled with lollipops galore, the perfect sweet ending to an even sweeter birthday party.